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Welcome to dentsides.com

Home of 1973-1979 Ford trucks!

Welcome to Dentsides.com

Dentsides.com is the place when it comes to 1973-1979 Ford trucks – “Dentsides”. We currently have a 1978 F250 build of our own underway as well as other Dentside pictures, builds, and information .

We also have Dentside Stickers and T-Shirts for sale!

Please email dentsides@gmail.com to have your truck featured, ask a  question, or inquire about advertising.

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1978 F250 Build Post 18 – 351M Engine Assembly Part 1

I finally got the 351M back from the machine shop! The shop took care of the internals (cam, crank, pistons, rods, rings, heads, valves, lifters, etc.) so all I had to do is assemble the rest of the engine. Having the long block out of the truck and clean I also wanted to get a coat of Ford Blue paint on it (gotta keep it classic!), Read More→

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