Dentside Pride Shirt 73

Dentside Pride Gear Available Now!

We just released the first run of Dentsides.com merchandise! The designs feature either the ’73-75, ’76/77, or ’78/79 grills and “Dentside Pride” on the front and a quote from the man himself, Henry Ford on the back; “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Each design is available in a t-shirt and hoodie as well a sticker. Read More→

1978 F250 cab repair drip rails 10

1978 F250 Build Post 15

Cab Repair – Drip Rails

Getting back to the cab it was time to tackle the drip rails. They were in pretty bad shape but I didn’t want to go through the process of completely removing and replacing them. I decided to just lay in some metal and weld, hit the remaining rust with rust converter, Read More→

1978 Ford F250 351M 5

1978 F250 Build Post 14

Engine – 351M Teardown

Now that we got the frame pieced back together and rolled out of the way it’s time to begin work on the 351M. The plan is for a complete teardown and rebuild. Machine work will consist of; bore, hone, crank balance, and having the heads gone through.  Build will be all new bottom and top end inner parts (stock except for oversized pistons),  Read More→

1978 Ford F250 Frame rebuild 12

1978 F250 Build Post 13

FRAME – Axle Breakdown and Frame Rebuild

After we got the frame all cleaned up and painted it was time to attack the axles. Everything got wire wheeled, cleaned, and Por-15’d. Shackles, shock mounts, Dana 60 rear, Dana 44 front, leafs, etc. etc.

After that we installed all new drum brakes on the rear axle and put the Rough Country 4″ Read More→

1978 Ford F250 Frame teardown 12

1978 F250 Build Post 12

Frame – Frame Tear Down and POR15

Once I got the cab mounts welded up solid it was time to get the frame torn down, cleaned up, and hit with POR-15. You can see from the pictures everything was really rusty so it wasn’t the easiest teardown ever. Quite a bit of bolt cutting and a lot of penetrating lube. Read More→

1978 Ford F250 Frame cab mount repair 11

1978 F250 Build Post 11

Frame – Frame Cab Mount Repair

Even though I sourced a “new to me” 78 F250 frame the cab mounts were rusted through (very common). I used some 1/4″ steel I had lying around and cut out pieces to weld them in. I didn’t bother with trying to weld in large washers flush or anything, Read More→

1978 Ford F250 cab repair installation 14

1978 F250 Build Post 10

Cab Repair – Cab Mount Repair

After all the floor pieces and pans etc. were tacked/welded in place the next step was to flip the cab over and beigin work on the bottom. You can see from the pictures it needed quite a bit of rust removal and the mid cross member section was fully rusted out on both sides (more LMC pieces to weld in). Read More→