1978 F250 Flatbed teardown passenger side

1978 F250 Build Post 2

Disassembly – Flatbed Removal and front clip teardown

I believe the original truck came as a utility body for electrical work that had long been replaced by a wooden flatbed set up. The flatbed had seen many years and layers and was basically about to fall off. Upon tear down we found the frame on the drivers side to be cracked through and fixed by bolting another piece of frame to the cracked portion (solid redneck engineering haha). Read More→

1978 F250 Front

1978 F250 Build Post 1

The Beginning

It had never crossed my mind to build this truck even though it had been on our farm for the past 30 years. The frame was completely rusted through, the shocks had broken off, the floors were non existent, the flatbed was rotted, the engine wouldn’t always start (we kept 2 bottles of starter fluid in the cab), Read More→

The Dentsides.com 1978 F250


Here she is, the Dentsides.com 1978 F250 build. A rusted old farm truck with a flat bed that has been in my family for almost 30 years. I will be posting progress build blog posts each week with lots of pictures. Stay tuned!