1978 F250 Build Post 1

1978 F250 Front
The Beginning

It had never crossed my mind to build this truck even though it had been on our farm for the past 30 years. The frame was completely rusted through, the shocks had broken off, the floors were non existent, the flatbed was rotted, the engine wouldn’t always start (we kept 2 bottles of starter fluid in the cab), the problems went on and on. It also had a “F150 Custom” badge on the passenger side and a “F250 Custom” badge on the Driver side, no idea how that happened (seemed like a factory mistake to me as they didn’t look tampered with when I removed them). However, having grown up with this truck, driving it all over the property doing work and trash runs with my father, I did want to build a late 1970’s Ford truck. I think the Dentside era (1973-1979) Ford trucks are some of the best looking trucks ever made, period.

After searching CL and local ads for a while with nothing showing promise, the idea of completely renovating this truck started to take hold. It was a 1978 F250 single cab, 351M 4 speed, Dana 44 front, Dana 60 rear with lots of sentimental value (read: money pit). So I spoke to my father and he agreed it would be a good father/son project and that was that. We decided to document the whole build start to finish and I created this blog to follow along as well as post other Dentsides, Dentside builds and related things. I will be updating the “Build” section with posts following the build (lots of pictures) and other areas of the site with other builds, pictures, etc. (please send your builds, photos, comments, questions, or anything Dentside related to dentsides@gmail.com). Let the build begin!

Below is the ole truck in all her glory.

1978 F250 Front Side Driver

1978 F250 Front Side Passenger

1978 F250 Rear Side Passenger

1978 F250 Rear