1978 F250 Build Post 2

1978 F250 Flatbed teardown passenger side
Disassembly – Flatbed Removal and front clip teardown

I believe the original truck came as a utility body for electrical work that had long been replaced by a wooden flatbed set up. The flatbed had seen many years and layers and was basically about to fall off. Upon tear down we found the frame on the drivers side to be cracked through and fixed by bolting another piece of frame to the cracked portion (solid redneck engineering haha). The passenger side frame rail above the axle was rusted through to the point of cracking but had not been fixed. We had to weld a piece in place before removing the wooden flatbed frame to keep everything together. There was no chance of using this frame so we were on the lookout for a new old frame.

Next on the list was the front clip, we dug into that and began the breakdown. Most of the front clip had escaped rust (the radiator support was fine, fenders were mostly fine, etc.) which was nice. The grill and the grill shroud were pretty beat up (as evidenced by the toothless grin on Build Post 1) so a new grill would need to be found and some serious dent removal done on the shroud. Headlights and buckets were all in mostly good shape.


*Side note: We ended up buying a 1995 F150 ext cab for a work truck had that had some serious rear frame rot from the rear shackle mounts back. We were able to cut the rear of this frame (un-rusted section) and weld it onto the ’95s frame to keep it on the road. We always like to re-use parts, etc. if we can.

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