1978 F250 Build Post 3

1978 Ford F250 Engine 1
Disassembly – Cab and Rust Problems

After we got the grill, radiator support, and fenders off we removed the hood. Next came the inner fenders and as you can see from the pictures below the passenger side is pretty far gone with rust. However the drivers side inner fender and frame rail had so much oil and road grime on it it didn’t get a chance to rust. I think I’ve heard an old saying that goes something like “Don’t worry about areas on the frame where rust can form because Ford put an oil leak right above it!” Or something similar, too bad that only held true for half of our frame.

Once the whole front clip was removed it was time to move it into the shop and start in on the cab and engine compartment. The cab would probably be considered too far gone for most people but since this truck was part of the family we wanted to use this cab. The pictures below illustrate how bad the rust is. I threw in a picture of the worn out seat and another picture of the frame rail rust for good measure.

Next we are going to pressure wash the engine and pull it.

1978 Ford F250 Hood Removed
1978 Ford F250 Front Frame Grime
1978 Ford F250 Inner Fender Rust 1978 Ford F250 Engine 1
1978 Ford F250 Front Drivers
1978 Ford F250 Interior 1
1978 Ford F250 Interior 2 1978 Ford F250 Interior 3
1978 Ford F250 Seat

1978 Ford F250 Drivers side cab corner
1978 Ford F250 Floor pan 1
1978 Ford F250 Pass side cab corner
1978 Ford F250 Floor pan 2
1978 Ford F250 Rear Frame rust
1978 Ford F250 Engine 2