1978 F250 Build Post 5

1978 Ford F250 new frame 2
DISASSEMBLY – cab, old frame, new frame

Once we removed all the engine and transmission stuff from the F250 build we were ready to get the cab off the old frame. By this time I had found a local guy that had a “new” frame that I had purchased along with a bed, grill, tailgate, and rear leaf spring.  My father built a cab dolly out of wood with casters so we could roll it around the shop and work on it. We elevated the cab with some wooden blocks and rolled the frame out and rolled the dolly under. Then we slowly pulled out the wooden blocks and set the cab on the dolly, its new home for a while.

Once the cab was off the old frame we could start the disassembly of the suspension. We had a solid night session busting down the frame as we were racing the winter weather and we wanted to put the suspension on the “new” frame to roll it into our shed before the snow. When we finally got all the rusted shackles off, the frame literally cracked in half over the rear axle (it would later come into use however, read here).

We rolled all the suspension under the new frame and loosely bolted it up so we could roll the whole unit into the shed for winter storage. We rolled the dolly into the garage (workspace) to begin the extensive floor repair.

1978 Ford F250 build cab dolly 1

1978 Ford F250 cab dolly 2

1978 Ford F250 cab dolly 3

1978 Ford F250 Frame dissasembly

1978 Ford F250 frame broken

1978 Ford F250 new frame 1

1978 Ford F250 new frame 4

1978 Ford F250 new frame 3

1978 Ford F250 new frame 2

1978 Ford F250 cab dolly inside