1978 Ford F250 cab rocker panel repair 1

1978 F250 Build Post 8

CAB REPAIR – rocker panel repair cont.

Following up the floor pan replacement the next step was to work outward from the inner rocker panels. Again, pretty much the whole LMC cab body panel page was ordered. We started first by just holding pieces up and figuring out where they need to go and how much we needed to take off of the cab vs. Read More→

1978 Ford F250 cab floor pan replacement 5

1978 F250 Build Post 7

CAB REPAIR – Floor pan replacement

Once I had gotten the inner rocker panels welded in it was time to for the floor pan replacement. I ordered left and right floor pans from LMC and didn’t have to trim them too much as the floor was completely rusted through. I decided against butt-welding them and chose to  overlap them with the original steel. Read More→

1978 Ford F250 cab rocker replacement

1978 F250 Build Post 6

Cab repair – Rocker replacement

The cab floor was completely shot throughout, the only thing that really survived was the trans area and firewall. Most people would look for a new cab but we wanted to save our old truck as it has sentimental value. I basically ordered everything on the cab body panel page of LMC; Read More→

1978 Ford F250 new frame 2

1978 F250 Build Post 5

DISASSEMBLY – cab, old frame, new frame

Once we removed all the engine and transmission stuff from the F250 build we were ready to get the cab off the old frame. By this time I had found a local guy that had a “new” frame that I had purchased along with a bed, grill, tailgate, Read More→

1978 Ford F250 351M Engine wash

1978 F250 Build Post 4

Disassembly – 351M Engine and transmission

Switching gears (no pun intended) from the cab rust issues to engine disassembly we decided to pull the engine and transmission. This way we could work on the frame, engine, and cab all simultaneously (read: when we get frustrated with one area, move to another).  The engine is a 351M with a 4 speed manual transmission and attached NP205 transfer case. Read More→

1978 Ford F250 Engine 1

1978 F250 Build Post 3

Disassembly – Cab and Rust Problems

After we got the grill, radiator support, and fenders off we removed the hood. Next came the inner fenders and as you can see from the pictures below the passenger side is pretty far gone with rust. However the drivers side inner fender and frame rail had so much oil and road grime on it it didn’t get a chance to rust. Read More→

1978 F250 Flatbed teardown passenger side

1978 F250 Build Post 2

Disassembly – Flatbed Removal and front clip teardown

I believe the original truck came as a utility body for electrical work that had long been replaced by a wooden flatbed set up. The flatbed had seen many years and layers and was basically about to fall off. Upon tear down we found the frame on the drivers side to be cracked through and fixed by bolting another piece of frame to the cracked portion (solid redneck engineering haha). Read More→

1978 F250 Front

1978 F250 Build Post 1

The Beginning

It had never crossed my mind to build this truck even though it had been on our farm for the past 30 years. The frame was completely rusted through, the shocks had broken off, the floors were non existent, the flatbed was rotted, the engine wouldn’t always start (we kept 2 bottles of starter fluid in the cab), Read More→

The Dentsides.com 1978 F250


Here she is, the Dentsides.com 1978 F250 build. A rusted old farm truck with a flat bed that has been in my family for almost 30 years. I will be posting progress build blog posts each week with lots of pictures. Stay tuned!